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3innisfree & JEJU

Our commitment to share natural benefits of pure island

Jeju, origin of innisfree

Our products are created with high quality ingredients originated from Jeju, the island where pure nature exists.
A brand that is well loved and trusted by our customers, from Korea to all over the world.


Jeju, the home of the four energies of pure nature, where harmony lives within.
innisfree pursues healthy beauty through natural ingredients from the pure Jeju Island.

innisfree JEJU Story

#1 Jeju Organic Green Tea Fields

Story of Reliable Ingredients


Organic green tea is grown in the chemical-free soil at Seogwang Tea Garden in Jeju.
After 3 years of careful cultivation and great effort,
this main ingredient found in the innisfree Green Tea line delivers innate energy and rich nutrients to your skin.

#2 Fair Trade at Jeju Camellia and Bija Villages

innisfree’s Good
Sharing Movement

Fair Trade

The act of purchasing raw ingredients while promoting environmentally sustainable practices in local communities is referred as “Fair Trade”.
Innisfree ensures “Fair Trade” with Halmang, the local elderly female residents, who pick up fallen camellia petals at Jeju Camellia Village.
This promotes the well-being and preservation of the local communities, and has been extended to Jeju Bija Village as well.
Innisfree is glad to give back to the local communities by following the law of nature.
The local residents at Jeju are happy with this arrangement as it helps lessen the carbon footprint to the nature and improve their social wellbeing.

#3 Gotjawal, the secret evergreen forest in Jeju

The Protector of Natural Wonders


Somewhere hidden in the hills of Jeju, there is a secret forest untouched for more than a thousand years.
It is known as Gotjawal by the locals in Jeju.
Grown in the fertile lands with volcanic rocks, it possesses abundant moisture, making the forest warm even in winter.
Home to a variety of rare plants of great diversity,
it attracts numerous botanists and scientists from World Conservation Congress to conduct observation research here.
innisfree also puts in effort to conserve and protect Gotjawal, the evergreen and clean forest of Jeju.